Green Coffee Bean Extract: Does it Really Work?

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Does it Really Work?

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You’ve probably heard a bit about the decades-old health debate on drinking coffee and whether or not the world’s most popular drink is good or bad for you. However, you may not have heard anything about green coffee bean extract. What is it? Is there a debate around its potential health benefits too? And what kinds of health benefits do people believe it may provide?

Below, our experts at Breinfuel will explore the basics of what you should know regarding green coffee bean extract and what it might be able to do for you!

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What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Basically, green coffee bean extract is a substance that comes from unroasted coffee beans. Coffee beans are known to naturally contain compounds called chlorogenic acids, which have potent antioxidant effects and other prospective benefits related to lowering blood pressure and helping people lose weight. Roasting coffee to drink drastically reduces the presence of chlorogenic acids, which is why drinking coffee doesn’t have the same impacts- especially on weight loss- as leveraging the extract from unroasted beans.

Generally, green coffee bean extract is sold as a pill by health food stores and online retailers, with doses typically ranging from 60-185mg per day. However, several companies have started offering green coffee bean extract in other formats, including health beverages. 

Potential Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

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People most often take green coffee bean extract to help address a range of conditions and provide some specific benefits. Let’s take a more in-depth look into some of those critical benefits below and then explore what science says about the extract’s effectiveness.

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Blood Pressure

Green coffee bean extract may positively impact blood vessels by reducing overall blood pressure levels, meaning that it may play a role in protecting heart health. According to a scientific review conducted in 2019, individuals with hypertension who took more than 400mg of green coffee bean extract for four weeks saw significant reductions in diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Because high blood pressure is a major contributing factor in many dangerous health conditions, this extract may be an effective preventative measure to help protect people against the development of such conditions. 

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Weight Loss

According to research, consuming caffeine, in general, may help promote weight loss by reducing overall body fat and body mass index (BMI). Scientists also believe that the high levels of chlorogenic acids within the extract of green coffee beans are a key player in weight loss effects. This is primarily because of the acid’s ability to help lower people’s blood sugar levels and reduce the absorption of carbohydrates throughout the digestive tract. Studies have also indicated that these acids may help boost the body’s metabolism while lowering triglyceride levels and promoting better obesity-related hormone levels. 

In a particular research study conducted in 2017 on females with obesity, women who took 400mg of green coffee bean extract for two weeks and followed an energy-restricted diet saw significantly more weight loss than those following an energy-restricted diet alone. They also saw reduced levels of “bad” cholesterol and free fatty acids.

Type II Diabetes

We mentioned above that chlorogenic acids can help reduce carbohydrate absorption to help with weight loss, but this also helps reduce the occurrence of insulin spikes, which play a significant role in the development of type 2 diabetes. Because of this, these acids may help people better control or even outright prevent the development of this severe condition. A 2020 scientific review indicated that green coffee bean extract could also improve blood glucose levels at doses of 400mg per day.

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Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Benefits

As stated previously, green coffee beans are shown by research to possess antioxidant properties though they are also known to feature anti-inflammatory elements. Chronic inflammation can significantly damage cells and is a primary driving force in many dangerous health conditions, including cancer, arthritis, and various autoimmune diseases. Eating foods containing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects is a vital part of a healthy diet and can provide significant health benefits. Green coffee bean extract, in particular, is shown to provide these benefits when taken at high enough doses for extended periods.

What Does the Research Say?

Research indicates that green coffee bean extract possesses a range of prospective benefits that can support everything from weight loss to controlling and preventing type 2 diabetes and reducing blood pressure. Though additional research is needed to more fully understand the comprehensive health impacts of green coffee bean extract, the results thus far show significant promise, especially regarding weight loss.

Final Thoughts to Consider

Our dedicated experts and lovers of green coffee bean extract at Breinfuel sincerely hope that the above information has given you a lot to think about going forward and has convinced you to give the extract a try for yourself! Consider exploring our shop today to access a range of specialized beverages infused with green coffee bean extract. Also, feel free to look through our wide selection of other educational health resources for more information on food science, the importance of antioxidants, and the best sources of daily caffeine! 

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