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Peach Mango 12 Pack

Peach Mango 12 Pack

Enjoy this refreshing blend of your favorite summertime flavors, boosted with 300mg of naturally derived caffeine and a rich blend of antioxidants, and Vitamins C and E.

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We recommend that you drink Breinfuel chilled, and throughout the day. It is good for long work days, or to complete a workout with sharp focus and consistent performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Breinfuel have 300mg caffeine?

By supporting caffeine with functional ingredients like Collagen Protein, MCT's, beet root, and more, the caffeine in Breinfuel actually releases more gradually than if you were to drink a cup of coffee or an average energy drink. That's why the energy you feel after drinking Breinfuel is smooth and steady, rather than jittery like the "spike and crash" effect caused by most caffeinated beverages.

Why is "Brein" spelled like that? 

Breinfuel is a unique approach to getting the most out of caffeine. It deserves a unique name, as seemingly thousands of supplements hoping to improve brain focus exist, most with little or no effect. The name says it all: uniquely fueling your brain. Try it, you’ll see for yourself: as the focus and clarity become tangible over long hours, hopefully it’s a name you don’t forget!

What makes Breinfuel so much healthier than an average energy drink? 

While most energy drinks simply have caffeine, a few amino acids, and a ton of artificial ingredients, Breinfuel takes a fundamentally different approach. Rather than using the same ingredients as everyone else, we use a carefully selected blend of fuels, antioxidants, and nootropics to support the stimulus of caffeine. Breinfuel also does not have any artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and is committed to using the best possible ingredients to help your body and brain feel spectacular, all day long. 

How should I use Breinfuel for best results? 

Breinfuel works it's hardest when you do, and at its core, it's a lifestyle beverage. We recommend drinking Breinfuel whenever you’re embarking on your most taxing activities. Whether that’s first thing in the morning, before your workout, or in the afternoon to deliver that extra push to finish your work day strong, Breinfuel is your partner in performance.But if you want the most out of it, get a reasonable night's sleep, sip it rather than chugging it to help it last even longer, and eat healthy foods without a ton of sugar or fat. That is how Breinfuel will deliver most spectacularly!

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    Like most people, I am super busy. I play collegiate football, I’m pursuing my master’s degree, working as a graduate assistant, and have a full time job. I love this drink and would HIGHLY recommend this to everyone.

  • ★★★★★


    I honestly have not felt this alive, energy wise in a very long time. I had absolutely no crash like I normally do and felt fueled after a CrossFit workout to take on the entire day. I honestly feel amazing drinking these and the flavors are great

  • ★★★★★


    I love it! It truly puts my mind in a state of such focus and it’s amazing. I recommend to anyone who struggles with staying on task, someone experiencing groggy mornings, or any active person.

Focused Pursuit

The Invention Story

Dr. Horn developed Breinfuel out of necessity - to power through 11-hour surgery days. Coffee was not cutting it, and most energy drinks came with a number of side effects and possible health issues. He knew there could be a cleaner, more effective way to experience the benefits of caffeine. In his research, Dr. Horn discovered how to utilize low-glycemic fuels, powerful antioxidants, and nootropics to deliver the focus and energy he needed that would last for hours on end - and Breinfuel was born.