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Breinfuel 4 Flavor Variety 48 Bottles

Breinfuel 4 Flavor Variety 48 Bottles

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Enjoy the best all-natural energy drink buy with a built in discount and inclusion of all flavors. This combo deal includes: summertime peach mango, bursting mixed berry, zesty citrus, and fruit punch. Enhance your focus, amplify your impact with Breinfuel!

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What ingredients are in there in Breinfuel?

The ingredients in Breinfuel are green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, MCT oil, Vitamic C, Beetroot, Vitamin E, Probiotics, Zinc, Creatine, and all-natural sweetner.

How many grams of caffeine is Breinfuel?

Each bottle of Breinfuel contains 300mg of caffiene.

What is the best way to consume Breinfuel?

The best way to consume Breinfuel is after your first snack and/or meal of the day, and then as needed. Many people also use it as a pre/post workout energizer/replenisher.

What is the 'Breinfuel Difference'?

Due to the blend of Breinfuel, you will not just simply get an experience of "not being tired" like other energy/health drinks, but your body will be getting energy supplemented into it by Breinfuel. It has been shown to give heightened focus, mood, alertness, memory recall, and thought proficiency.

Focused Pursuit

The Breinfuel Difference

Breinfuel is designed by Dr. Gerald Horn, whom has decades of experience working on the human body and creating different products to help people with their day.