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What Are Nootropics? What You Need to Know

There’s been a chance at least once that you’ve been curious about boosting cognitive performance. Students and entrepreneurs tend to look into nootropics to help boost their performance and brain health. However, so many different types of nootropics are out there, and one offers a wide range of different functions. So, if you’re curious about the power of nootropics and want to know about all the varieties and benefits, then continue reading to find what's best for you.

What Qualifies as a Nootropic?

While "nootropics" refers explicitly to chemicals that must meet particular criteria, the word itself has been used more loosely now. It can now refer to both synthetic and natural substances that can potentially have a positive effect on cognitive performance. These need to be able to sharpen mental skills and stimulate the brain. Since there are different types of nootropics, some of these cognitive enhancers have been deemed more controversial than others.

How Do Nootropics Work

Nootropics work by increasing certain mental functions inside the brain. This can include things such as motivation, memory, awareness, as well as attention span. It’s been known that nootropics can also help out with improving creativity too. Plus, some studies have shown that those with Alzheimer’s disease and patients with other cognitive disorders have felt that some symptoms have been treated or vastly improved thanks to nootropics.

Types of Nootropics

There are two different types of Nootropics; Natural and Synthetic. Both of these types offer different benefits. So let's dive in deeper to see the differences and benefits of both types.

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Natural Nootropics

Chances are, you’ve been using natural nootropics without even knowing it! For example, caffeine is a natural nootropic that you can get from coffee, tea, or even from Breinfuel! Caffeine gives you more access to neurotransmitters in your brain, including acetylcholine. This can help with short-term memory and learning. A natural stimulant such as caffeine can be good, but just because something is natural doesn't mean it's always safe. For example, too much caffeine can be bad for the heart. So, if you need a natural stimulant, ensure you only consume the recommended use.

While caffeine is the most well-known natural nootropic, you can find them besides just drinking coffee or tea. Others can include creatine monohydrate, ginseng, and theanine, but there are plenty of others.

Synthetic Nootropics

Synthetic nootropics widely consist of prescription nootropics. This widely consists of racetams, such as piracetam (considered a prescription drug in most countries, but others too. Other medicinal-based stimulants can include ADHD medication. Regarding synthetic nootropics, it's strongly recommended to proceed cautiously or talk to a doctor first. Most are not recommended unless there are specific problems.

An example, prescription nootropics are perfect for ADHD patients, but it's not recommended for those who want to focus on their attention and improve it. Unfortunately, this has led young adults, college students, to get these types of drugs illegally. In addition, synthetic nootropics tend to have more extensive side effects than natural nootropics. This can include a faster heart rate, addition to the drug, blurred vision, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

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Examples of Nootropics

While nootropics (also known as Smart Drugs) have become increasingly popular, they’re not all the same. There are two different categories for nootropics; there are a variety of different types of Nootropics themselves. Let's take a look at the variety that's available.


Caffeine is by far one of the more popular nootropics out there. Unfortunately, it's one of those nootropics that people tend not to realize that they're using. While you can drink tea or coffee to get in your caffeine, there are other ways to get it in too. Breinfuel offers caffeinated drinks, all without the toxicity of roasting. Packed with vitamins, you need to keep your brain stimulated all day! While this is one of the best and healthier ways to get your needed caffeine before a busy day or work, some powders and supplements can also be offered to get this nootropic.


Bilboba plant with supplements


The Ginkgo Biloba is a tree species that is mainly found in China. This natural nootropic can be considered a living fossil as it resembles the forebears in the fossil record. This plant has been commonly used in ancient Chinese medicine for many centuries. It's believed to help fight age-related mental decline such as dementia again, and it's been shown to improve memory as well. In addition, there have been studies in the UK that have shown that it can contribute to increasing cognitive functions in patients who have dementia.

Lions Mane

The Lion's man is a mushroom that is native to parts of Asia, North America, as well as Europe. The name that the mushroom gets is due to its shagginess, just like the mane of a lion. It's been commonly used in traditional medicine in both China and Russia. While some studies are being conducted, it's believed that Lion's mane can help reduce depression, slow down the progress of cognitive decline, and even improve one’s memory.


Commonly found in green tea, this is one of the few nootropics affecting brain waves. It's believed to balance out brain chemistry and lower blood pressure. It’s understandable that there are frequently asked questions about L-theanine because it’s a pretty powerful nootropic.

Rhodiola Rosea

Also known as "roseroot," this has been shown to improve a person's mood, and there may even be evidence that it can help treat neurodegenerative diseases.

Bacopa Monnieri

The Bacopa is a plant that’s been used for centuries in China within its traditional medicine. There is the belief that Bacopa could potentially increase certain brain chemicals involved in memory and learning.

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Commonly known as "Provigil," this is a nootropic usually prescribed as a stimulant. It’s meant to help fight narcolepsy. 


Adderall is one of the more sought-after prescription drugs. However, this nootropic is only prescribed to help treat patients who have ADHD.


Also known as "methylphenidate," Ritalin, similar to Adderall, treats behavioral disorders such as ADHD. Ritalin is one of the most high-in-demand nootropics, as it's been known to help enhance productivity. College students and entrepreneurs seek this and will try to obtain it illegally. Unfortunately, while the drug is designed to enhance focus and decrease impulsiveness, there are more side effects, such as depression and hair loss.


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Final Thoughts

While nootropics can increase the function within the brain, such as focus, and improve cognitive performance, it's essential to know that some nootropics will have problematic side effects. In addition, not all nootropics are created equally. So, it's essential only to use synthetic nootropics that your doctor prescribes and only use the daily recommended limit for natural nootropics.  

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