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What makes Breinfuel different from other energy drinks?
The difference is in the foundation in which we were built. Breinfuel actually comes from coffee beans, tea leaves and a rich blend of antioxidants with support from Vitamins C, E, and antioxidants! Each additive included in our recipe resulted from a meticulous scientific process with the mission of creating the perfect mental performance beverage.
Why is Breinfuel better than other caffeinated products?
Typical coffees and energy drinks simply load the body full of caffeine without delivering the support you need to process it. Breinfuel’s unique blend of extended-release fuel sources add ‘fuel to the fire, and give your body the metabolic additions it needs to properly utilize caffeine! As opposed to other caffeinated products that rely on supplement confusion with countless additives, Breinfuel uses collagen, MCTs, antioxidants, along with components such as beetroot, l-theanine, and other vitamins to go further, faster, with a more even boost.
Is Breinfuel a healthier alternative to other energy drinks?
Breinfuel is one of the premiere energy drinks on the current market, loaded with a myriad of healthy ingredients. Besides its unique blend of green coffee beans and tea leaves, it is powered by amino acids and antioxidants. Breinfuel brings all the benefits found in coffee, tea, and more, but made-for-you in a convenient bottle, without any of the coffee taste!
Is Breinfuel high in sugar?
Breinfuel is one of the lowest sugar energy drinks on the market, utilizing only 4g of D-Ribose, the same sugar that is produced naturally by your body. It’s actually one of the only sugars that is negative on the glycemic index!
Why is there 360mg of caffeine in Breinfuel?
Supported by MCTs, Collagen, Vitamins C & E, and the arsenal of antioxidants available in one 12 oz bottle of Breinfuel, 360 mg of caffeine derived from green coffee beans and tea leaves gives an even, powerful boost of energy that lasts the entire day!
Is 360mg of Caffeine too much?
The FDA advises a daily limit of 400mg of caffeine, which we endorse. For reference, a Grande Blonde Roast from Starbucks also has 360mg of caffeine. If you consider yourself to be sensitive to caffeine or if you don’t normally consume it, we would recommend drinking half a serving of BRÈINFÚEL for your first time.
How long does Breinfuel last?
Breinfuel’s caffeine blend can be felt almost immediately after the first sip. Caffeine at its source has about an 8 hour lifespan, and is affected by everything that you eat, drink, and do at any one time. Breinfuel’s dynamic blend creates an even, potent release of energy over the course of the entire day, backed by an arsenal of antioxidants and other tantalizing features to make sure you won’t crash.
Can you drink energy drinks while pregnant?
Caffeinated beverages are not recommended for anyone on any medications or during pregnancy without the express permission of their doctor.
What is “Cerebral Nectar”?
Cerebral Nectar is our term for the new approach to cognitive performance embodied by Breinfuel. “Cerebral”, relating to the brain, and “Nectar”, relating to the rich, smooth texture of Breinfuel. Together, these words beautifully encapsulate the experience one can expect when embarking upon their Breinfuel experience.
How should I use Breinfuel?
Breinfuel works it's hardest when you do, and at its core, it's a lifestyle beverage. We recommend drinking Breinfuel whenever you’re embarking on your most taxing activities. As with any nootropic beverage or supplement, Breinfuel relies strongly on a healthy diet to perform its best. Whether that’s first thing in the morning, to get you throughout your workout, or to deliver that extra push to finish your day strong, Breinfuel is your partner in performance.
What can I do to maximize my Breinfuel experience?
Since caffeine needs to be metabolically supported, caffeine (as in coffee) has been shown to be better taken with or after breakfast rather than before. It is also helpful to have a reasonable amount of sleep in order to get the most out of BreinFuel the next day.