Who are the Breinwave Ambassadors?

Breinwave Ambassadors are extraordinary people who embody the Breinfuel spirit through their consistent effort to better themselves both personally and professionally.

The backbone of our program is in our community driven approach. Our goal is to provide a framework where high-achievers can come together to collaborate and network under the Breinfuel canopy. If you’re looking to surround yourself with likeminded people striving to realize the best version of themselves, this is the place for you.


Being a part of the Breinwave has allowed me to make deeper connections, be more present in the moment, and follow my dreams, aka Breinfuel literally took me skydiving.

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I love being a part of the Breinwave because of the culture surrounding a phenomenal product. I also drink a bottle of Brienfuel everyday and it’s become a routine by now!

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  • What’s involved with being a Breinwave Ambassador?

    The Breinwave Ambassador experience can be as involved as you desire it to be. We offer an experience centered around a series of “missions” that are designed to challenge you while promoting the brand to others. You’ll also be able to interact with other ambassadors around the US and attend our iconic ‘Meeting of the Minds’ call every month. 

  • What are the perks?

    Your efforts as a Breinwave Ambassador are always rewarded. Through accomplishing missions, you’ll be able to earn free Breinfuel, gift cards, brand merchandise, cash, and more! However, if you ask a Breinfuel ambassador, they’ll tell you that the greatest value of the program is in the people you’ll meet and the enlightening conversations you’ll have. Get ready to manifest the best version of yourself!

  • How do I apply?

    Our program is facilitated through the Brandbassador app. Click the link below to download the app and apply! We recommend applying on a mobile device.