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It might help promote better choices if we understand the high-stakes game of poker we play with our future health and vitality every day. The effects of bad nutritional and personal decisions can trigger immediate adverse chemical consequences. That is called oxidative stress (OS).


Combating OS could achieve a potential opportunity to live healthier and may even decelerate our aging processes. Virtually everything we do that is harmful to our health - lack of sleep, poor diet, excessive drinking, smoking, anger, poor relationships, etc. adversely impacts the aerobic processing of fuel via the oxygen-driven Kreb’s cycle - changing it in nanoseconds from clean to “dirty.” And dirty means paired oxygen (O2 ) atoms splitting into negative ions (O-2), missing an electron pair, which then rip electrons from neighboring tissue.


These free radicals and reactive oxygen species are relentless “atomic attack missiles,” doing damage when they outstrip our natural antioxidant defenses. Tissue damage slowly accumulates. DNA mutations, immune system compromise, inflammation, protein coagulation, and scarring with accelerated cell death lie in its wake.


Yes, it helps if we take better care of ourselves. But this chemical espionage against ourselves is complex if not impossible to stop with habits alone. Imagine the alternative if we could find a way to help suppress it: endorphins, stable glucose levels, pure oxygen burning relatively free and clean, immune system ready to protect and scavenge, brain free to relax, dream, and think great thoughts, and bodies prepared to react, pounce, or perform longer than we have a right to expect—all while feeling good, the ultimate sense of well-being.


Common causes? Zero-calorie caffeinated energy drinks outstripping fuel support - bad. High sugar - bad. Super fatty fried food meals - bad. No sleep - inadequate. Excessive smoking, drinking, drugs - bad. Using science to learn from previous data, we could create more comprehensive antioxidant combinations. However, the data supporting antioxidants reducing oxidative stress is mixed and complex. Studies tend to focus on just one or two antioxidants and often test for reversing disease as proof of benefit. But changing disease via antioxidants shouldn’t be the primary metric. Prevention and promotion of well-being should be. We seek to feel better. Antioxidant combinations with natural caffeine sources and metabolic fuel support may provide that sense of well-being and potentially much more.


BRÈINFÚEL is a new, functional, better-for-you beverage with four blends to help you achieve a lasting feeling of energy, focus, and well-being: 1 caffeine, 2 fuel, 3 antioxidant, and 4 brain-boosting (all blends with ingredients having various antioxidant properties).


Below are some of the essential components of BRÈINFÚEL’s development:

  • Intake of caffeine has been shown to reduce the biomarkers of OS, though cortisol spikes may be caused without optimized metabolic fuel and antioxidant support.

  • A fuel blend that is low glycemic with 4gd-ribose, 6g protein, and 5g of MCTs

  • The antioxidants are found in coffee beans and tea without the toxicity of the roast (more potent than in red grapes or wine).

  • Over 10x the minimum daily requirement of water-soluble Vitamin C and fat-soluble Vitamin E.

  • The beetroot is rich in betacyanin, giving Breinfuel its rich pink hue.

  • L-theanine is among the most potent antioxidant amino acids.

  • Zinc studies support its antioxidant role in protecting against free radical-induced oxidative damage.

  • Creatine not only enhances muscle density and speeds up conversion to ATP in your brain and body, but studies show it may provide cytoprotection in oxidatively injured cells (cultured mammalian cells via direct antioxidant activity).

As a basic test of whether Breinfuel, any other beverage, or nootropic supplement may be a valuable biohack to promote a sense of well-being, on a scale of 1 to 10, take a baseline assessment of how you feel, again a few hours after consumption, and finally when you arise the following day. Too good to be true? Rinse and repeat!

Score 1-10.

Baseline | 1-2 hrs. | 4-8 hrs. | Next AM 

  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Quickness
  • Concentration
  • Mental focus
  • Mood elevation
  • Relaxation
  • No jitters
  • No crash
  • Sense of well being
  • Endorphin high


  1. ½ serving - 1 full 12 oz serving.
  2. Sip slowly, 5-30 minutes—usual sleep and meals.

Compare before and after Breinfuel. “Rinse and Repeat” to prove it’s not a fluke!


Could the robust blend of antioxidants in Breinfuel or better for you beverages biohack oxidative stress and slow aging? Unknown… But if you feel better, the numbers go way up on the above test, and it allows you to function as a high performer with better mental focus; it's a good start. It may be the difference between feeling younger, vital, and more alive.

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