How To Use Nutrition To Slow The Aging Process

How To Use Nutrition To Slow The Aging Process

How To Use Nutrition To Slow The Aging Process

We created Breinfuel with a unique blend of nutrients to support cognitive endurance, focus, and productivity. But these nutrients may do more than help you power through your day. Research shows that they may also help you fight back against aging. Here's what you need to know.

How Breinfuel Works

To understand how Breinfuel may help combat the adverse effects of aging, we first have to look at how this unusual drink works. Caffeine is widely used and loved for its energizing, brain-boosting effects. But what many people don't realize is that because it's a stimulant, it also affects the brain in negative ways, which can lead to oxidative stress (more on that later).

Think of caffeine as a briefly roaring fire. This fire will provide a lot of heat, which is good. However, it will only be able to provide this level of heat for a short amount of time. In addition, it quickly burns through a lot of wood to provide heat. So, while this fire produces heat, it doesn’t last very long and damages a supply of resources.  

So, it seems obvious that the perfect situation would be if something similar to caffeine were available. It would be almost perfect if something could keep the brain-boosting effects of caffeine but lose the negatives that inherently come with stimulants.

To enable the body to benefit from the positive effects of caffeine while reducing the negatives, Breinfuel provides a balance of fuel that your body uses at different rates. This steady source of energy is naturally synchronized for optimum energy and function. D-Ribose is the first to be processed, followed by collagen, and finally, MCT oil. This sustained level of support enables the body to use caffeine in a slower, more gradual fashion. This minimizes the stress it can cause in the brain while also extending its benefits.

Think of Breinfuel like a stove filled with red hot coals. While a roaring fire will burn bright for a few minutes, the coals will stay hot for extended periods. They may not be as flashy as the fire, but they will be more reliable and steady. Plus, the coals are more efficient and, because of this, require less fuel. Overall, the coals will produce a stable source of heat that doesn’t have all of the drawbacks the fire had. 

While all of this suggests that Breinfuel can help you function better today, what does it do with aging? The answer goes back to the issue of oxidative stress and how many of the ingredients in Breinfuel have been shown to fight it. Let's look at the science around oxidative stress and how it contributes to aging.

Oxidative Stress and the Body

It's no secret that life comes with stress. However, stress on a body is not the type of stress most people think of when they think of stress. Most people think of stress as a force that impacts their mental well-being. They think of it as something in their head. That doesn't just happen to your mood. Despite this belief, stress isn’t just around when you're stuck in traffic; it's also happening on a cellular level every day.

Everyday activities, such as exercise and even breathing, create molecules with an uneven number of electrons. These unstable molecules are known as free radicals, and when they're kept in balance, they aren't a problem.

However, when free radicals overwhelm the body's repair mechanisms, they can lead to a cascade of problems. They damage proteins, DNA, lipids, and other tissues, contributing to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Excess free radicals are also thought to accelerate aging.

Part of this comes from how oxidative stress works. Oxidative stress and free radicals are both capable of producing an inflammatory response in the body. Their interaction with each other creates an inflammatory response cycle that creates levels of inflammation that, due to the cycle, never go away. In addition, both factors influence the brain in a way that leaves it flooded with free radicals. It doesn’t take much guessing to determine the negative impact of having harmful free radicals in the body’s control center. 

The Balance of Free Radicals

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to avoid many of the natural factors that create excess free radicals. In the modern world, one may be able to avoid cigarette smoke and may be able to stick with a healthy diet. Doing so will minimize excess free radicals. However, some levels of toxins, pollution, and pesticides all exist within the food we eat and the air we breathe. Besides packing up and moving to the middle of nowhere to live outside of human civilization, there is very little an individual can do to avoid these things. With these factors present, the body’s balance is bound to tip toward free radicals. 

Luckily, there are ways to combat the free radicals in the body. Free radicals are kept in check in the body by antioxidants. These antioxidants help eliminate the number of free radicals in the body. These natural compounds are front-line responders in the battle against oxidative stress and the damage it can do. 

This is why antioxidants are so critical to anyone and everyone. They allow an individual to begin tipping the scales back to a more balanced level. Antioxidants help eliminate the excess free radicals that are bound to make their way into the body’s system. By doing so, they bring the level of free radicals down to a more normal level. 

This is also where the benefit of Breinfuel becomes more obvious. Breinfuel is packed with antioxidants. These occur due to a combination of different natural substances within (more on that in the next section). So, a drink packed with antioxidants is a perfect way to aid an individual in their fight against free radicals. 

Remember how the balanced fuel sources in Breinfuel help stave off oxidative stress from the effects of caffeine on the brain? That's not the only way the nutrients in this unique product fight back against free radicals.

Antioxidants to Combat Aging

There are several antioxidants in Breinfuel, including green tea extract, zinc, and beetroot. But the ones we're going to focus on here are L- theanine, vitamin C, and E.

Breinfuel contains significant amounts of theanine (l-THE). L-THE is a unique amino acid derived from green tea (Camellia sinensis), which exhibits strong antioxidant properties and is most abundant in green tea leaves. The medicinal positives of green tea leaves have been known for a long time, though they were not quite as understood as they are today. Thousands of years ago, green tea was used as a folk remedy. People recognized that it was having a positive impact on the health of those who drank it. Many people even claimed that it was a source of longevity, as they noticed heavy green tea drinkers tended to live a long time. However, at the time, the science did not exist in order to fully verify these claims. 

Now, with the advent of modern medicine, these old remedies can be verified. Today, it is understood that the presence of l-THE in green tea has an impact. Studies have specifically shown that this amino acid has positive health benefits. 

In numerous animal and human studies, l-THE has demonstrated considerable beneficial effects primarily due to its ability to help tissues counteract oxidative stress. In combination with caffeine, for example, synergistic effects have been observed in several instances. The mechanism underpinning these synergic effects was attributed to the antioxidant and anti‐inflammatory properties exploited by the combination of l‐THE and caffeine (Sun et al., 2013). In terms of its health benefits, l‐THE improves cognitive ability, may be neuroprotective, suppress the stress-induced elevation of blood pressure, improves immunity, protects the body from drug and toxin-induced toxicity, provides mood elevation, reduces anxiety, and has anti-depression properties without causing sleep or fatigue. (JWilliams etc al. Photother Res. 2019).


Breinfuel also contains more than 100% of the minimum daily requirements of vitamin C and vitamin E. These nutrients are well-known powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C in the water components of each cell, and Vitamin E along with the cell membrane component - and research is revealing that they work together in exciting ways to combat the effects of aging on the brain.

It isn’t hard to begin speculating that vitamin C has an impact on brain function. This is because the brain is packed with high concentrations of vitamin C, higher than concentrations found in the rest of the body. This gave researchers a clue that there was a connection to be discovered between vitamin C and cognitive function. In one study, researchers surveyed the scientific literature to see what role vitamin C plays in cognitive function. The evidence suggests that it helps prevent cognitive decline from aging-related brain changes and neurodegenerative disorders. 

Another review of the research concluded that vitamin E is another safe way to support the brain. It seems to promote healthy brain function as people age and even slow functional decline in people with Alzheimer's Disease. This may be due to the way vitamin E protects membranes in the brain from oxidation. Doing so provides another layer of protection between the brain and the elements of the body seeking to harm it. Without this, the brain is further exposed to harm. When the brain is harmed, cognitive function is impaired and a host of other negative effects are possible. 

Evidence shows that these two nutrients work even better together to add to this promising research. Another review concluded that supplementing with vitamins C and E supports the brain so well that they may even reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia.

Protect Your Telomeres

At the end of each chromosome in your body is a repeating sequence of DNA. Unlike the rest of the chromosomes, these strands aren't used to build things in the body. They're there to protect your DNA. Over time, these strands slowly get worn away, and when the telomeres get short enough, the cell no longer divides, and it dies.

This is a pretty clear problem. The whittling away of these protective strands exposes your body to cellular damage. This cellular damage is capable of manifesting in a number of different ways. Specifically, it contributes to aging and the diseases that often come with it, such as heart disease and cancer. 

However, telomeres aren’t just shorted from the passage of time. They are at risk of being shortened by changes within the body by various factors. One of the things that accelerates the shortening of telomeres is oxidative stress. Oxidative stress impacts the entire chromosome in a negative way. However, the telomeres are more exposed than the rest of the chromosome and, thus, are at a greater risk of damage. Because of this, oxidative stress causes telomeres to function incorrectly, which causes them to become shorter, and quicker. 

Luckily, there are ways to protect telomeres. As well as reducing free radical load with antioxidants, there are specific nutrients that appear to protect telomeres. Let's look at two of them found in Breinfuel: collagen and MCT oil.

Studies have shown that collagen supplementation can benefit skin health, improving moisture levels and elasticity. This is why many lotions and moisturizers contain collagen. But the benefits of collagen are not limited to the skin. According to one study, it may also help protect telomeres. 

As already mentioned, telomeres are repeating strands of DNA. Telomeres are built up by an enzyme called telomerase. This enzyme adds the repetitive sequences that make up telomeres to counteract the shortening effects. Collagen appears to boost telomerase activity in the cell, helping the strands stay long and strong.

Another culprit in the shortening seems to be inflammation. Along with oxidative stress and the influence of free radicals, inflammation is associated with shorter telomeres. A promising supplement for tamping down inflammation may be MCT oil.

One study looked at how MCT affects cells. Cells respond to it by producing more anti-inflammatory substances and fewer pro-inflammatory ones. Researchers concluded that MCT intake might help prevent or treat inflammation. By cooling this process in the body, you may be protecting your telomeres.

Breinfuel Contains Nutrients with Multiple Benefits

Although Breinfuel was created primarily to support cognitive function and productivity, the supplements we included have been shown to support health in many ways. Those benefits may help you live a longer, healthier life. Breinfuel is a simple way to get the nutrients you need by grabbing one 12-ounce drink. Give it a try today, and see how great you feel today and in the future.

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