Spencer Dinwiddie: NBA to NFTs

Spencer Dinwiddie: NBA to NFTs

Spencer Dinwiddie’s investment into Breinfuel came long before his official start at the company.

Where It All Began

Spencer has been fortunate enough to be featured in CBS, Forbes, and more over the past few weeks surrounding his miraculous return to the professional stage. After being introduced to Breinfuel by his trainer, Dinwiddie’s return to the NBA was fast-tracked after a devastating ACL injury. 


"Shoot, I came back from ACL in 5 1/2 months, and part of that is pulling 12-hour days," Dinwiddie told CBS Sports. "Going from workout to workout, needing to stay focused, needing a little kick in the ass sometimes. Obviously Breinfuel has helped provide me with that." -Colin Ward Henninger, CBS Sports


Spencer has always been determined to make a difference much larger than himself, whether on or off the court. With his move from the Nets to the Wizards gaining attention from around the globe, he is aiming to use this social media traffic to discuss his pursuits off the court as well. 


Dinwiddie has had a very public goal among NBA players for a long time now: to become the youngest African-American billionaire of all-time. Not only is this backed by his recent $54m signing to the Washington Wizards, but only compounded by his activity off the court.

With the launch of Dinwiddie’s cryptocurrency investment Calaxy, Spencer is fully realizing the scope his impact can have the world over. Spencer was introduced to Chiney Ogwumike of the Los Angeles Sparks through a similar investment opportunity. 

Leaning into the crypto space, it is apparent that Dinwiddie is juggling a large number of responsibilities through his various moneymakers.

Quickest Turnaround in History

With his off-court investments taking off in all directions, this allowed Spencer to dial his focus in for his appearance to the newly transformed Washington Wizards. Using Breinfuel’s unique blend of energy and metabolic fuel, Dinwiddie has averaged 16.1 points, 5.7 assists and 5.5 rebounds so far this season. (CBS Sports)

Following his injury, Spencer took an aggressive approach to treatment, similar to how he approaches everything in life. With his recent equity investment in Breinfuel, Dinwiddie’s core values align directly with our mission as a brand: to unlock human potential. 

To Infinity….

With the help of Spencer Dinwiddie, Breinfuel is incredibly excited to further the limits of what the human body and mind can accomplish. We are incredibly proud of Spencer, the Washington Wizards, and everyone involved in the steps that have been taken since announcing his official partnership only a few weeks ago.

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