man exercising in black shorts and blue shoes outside

The Benefits of MCT Oil and How to Use It

man exercising in black shorts and blue shoes outside

Sorting out the great supplements from the iffy pretenders is difficult at the best of times. MCT oil is turning heads left and right for its wonderful health properties, especially in exercise circles.

Remaining fit and healthy is a balancing act. It would help if you exercised regularly, drank plenty of water, and ensured your diet comes with a balanced set of nutrients. MCT oil is an ingredient in many everyday foods, but what does it do?

We’re going to dive into the benefits of MCT oil, how to use it, and what to expect!

What Is MCT Oil?

Simply put, MCT oil is a natural supplement found in foods such as coconuts, dairy products, and palm kernel oil. The primary ingredient is a fatty compound known as triglyceride. 

MCT oil isn’t like other types of fat. Triglycerides are much smaller, able to be easily digested and moved throughout the body in the form of energy. This nutrient is an excellent reminder that not all fat is damaging or excessive. You need to ensure you’re consuming the right kind of fat and the right amount for your diet.

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How Is MCT Oil Manufactured?

MCT oil is easier to find than ever nowadays. Due to a handy process called fractionation, the MCT oil molecules are separated from the rest of the palm kernel or coconut oil.

MCT oil often comes in the form of liquid or powder, depending on how you want to consume it. Some fitness gurus will even use MCT oil in creamer to boost their coffee or tea regimen. 

10 Benefits of MCT Oil

The benefits of MCT oil are still being analyzed by today’s best dieticians and doctors. Due to the complexity of the human body, there are still details we don’t know about this incredible nutrient.

What we do know about MCT oil is that it has several benefits when combined with a healthy diet and appropriate supplements.

Helps With Mental Disorders Like Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s disease remains a serious condition that can be slowed down, but not treated. Recent research suggests the medium-chain reaction of ingredients such as MCT oil can boost brain activity in patients with Alzheimer’s.

Can Help You Lose Weight

Are you struggling to keep off pounds with your current regimen? MCT oil gives you a much-needed energy boost while you’re working out, which can help you lose pounds. 

Keeping the weight off is then done with MCT oil’s ability to break down fat throughout your body.

Decreases Buildup of Lactate

Do you struggle with soreness and stiffness after a workout? Lactate is the acid responsible for this feeling, which MCT oil can cut into significantly.

MCT oil has a fat oxidation rate that goes a long way to making you feel better throughout your entire weight loss process.

It Can Boost Your Energy

We stated earlier that MCT oil has connections to increased levels of energy. The medium-chain construction of MCT oil means it doesn’t linger too long in the body, burning up quickly to keep you moving.

Improves Digestive System

The connection between your digestive system and your health can’t be ignored. MCT oil shows signs of improving digestion by promoting better absorption.

If you struggle with gastrointestinal disorders or nausea, you may want to consider adding MCT oil to your diet!

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It Can Lower Your Cholesterol

It’s important to note that cholesterol isn’t always a bad thing. You want to be sure your cholesterol count is healthy and that you’re promoting the right kind.

MCT oil may lower LDL (also known as the bad cholesterol) and improve HDL, the cholesterol needed to keep your blood flowing smoothly.

Benefits Type 2 Diabetics

Type 2 diabetes is a difficult condition to live with at the best of times. MCT oil has the potential to provide people with diabetes some relief by helping them keep off excess fat, which is a side effect of the condition.

It Can Relieve Epilepsy Symptoms

Did you know ketogenic diets are believed to be beneficial to people living with epilepsy? MCT oil is converted into what’s known as ketones during digestion, offering a similar benefit to ketogenic diets.

Ongoing research is studying how MCT oil may have benefits in reducing epileptic episodes, as well as their severity.

It Has Antibacterial Properties

Have you ever dealt with skin conditions such as thrush? How about fungal infections on your feet? The antibacterial properties of MCT oil may reduce your irritation and get you feeling much better.

MCT oil contains elements such as lauric acid, which significantly whittle down bacterial build-up.

Helps People With Autism

The spectrum of autism continues to become better known in the field of psychology as a manageable condition. Similar to ketogenic diets, MCT oil additions are believed to improve behavioral issues in people who have the condition.

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How to use it

Most people can start taking MCT oil without any issues. That said, we recommend not going too hard in this direction so you don’t have any side-effects such as bloating or gas.

Try a teaspoon of MCT oil to your everyday diet. If you’re particularly active, two or three teaspoons should suffice.

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MCT Oil Should Be In Your Diet

The benefits of MCT oil are still being studied to this day. That said, we already have some good evidence that adding it as a supplement to your daily diet is a good idea.

The benefits of MCT oil are the following:

  • Boosted energy
  • Potentially reduced Alzheimer’s symptoms
  • Decreased lactate buildup
  • Digestive system improvement
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Improves digestive system
  • Help you lose weight
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Manage autistic symptoms
  • Manage diabetic symptoms

We know how hard it can be to supplement your diet on a consistent basis. Contact us today to enjoy healthy drinks filled with minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients.

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