Nootropic (no·o·trop·ic):

1. A drug, supplement, or other substance, also known as “smart drugs” or “cognitive enhancers, " improves memory, creativity, and executive function.

2. A neuroprotective “shield.”

3. My version: A blend of nootropic ingredients (stacks), preferably combined with other stacks into an integrated supportive whole (“super-stacks”) to achieve amplified:

Cognition; flow state, deceleration of oxidative stress (OS), and potential deceleration of aging.


Oxidative stress (OS) is the per second continued disruption of physiologic processes, oxygen atoms ripping electrons from neighboring tissue causing cumulative damage, eventual destruction, DNA mutation, and at a critical threshold, disease states. Secondary only to genetics in determining the quality of life and lifespan. It is a principal cause of “slow thinking,” being “wired” (can’t think, can’t sleep), and “brain fog.”


Despite the raw science, nootropics often seem to provide cognitive benefits. Based on “biohacking,” data-supported ingredient combinations create nootropics. The potential is there, but good supportive data is scarce. The goal is “in the zone” clarity and energy. Caffeine is the principal nootropic worldwide via energy drinks, coffee, tea, and supplements.

My background is as a physician, Lasik surgeon, and pharmaceutical chief scientific officer/ co-founder of four companies:

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The evolution of nootropics is to “nootropic stacks,” the layering of the best combinations possible to enhance the efficacy of the whole. I developed Breinfuel (BF) in this manner initially for myself to stay alert on 10-11 hour surgery days. It evolved into a functional caffeinated beverage with four blends of nootropic physiologically supportive ingredients (each combination a stack) that help optimize brain cognition. In addition, each stack added platform connectivity to the others, with possibly more significant overall benefits, a nootropic “super-stack.” We call it Breinfuel, a “Cerebral Beverage.”

I. Breinfuel's first stack sources and enhances caffeine:

a) Pure caffeine from green coffee beans;

b) The full extract of the green coffee bean itself; and

c) The extract from green tea leaves.

All the good stuff supports caffeine and tea, none of the high heat antioxidant losses or toxicity (low-level carcinogens in coffee)—the caffeine stack.


II. Breinfuel’s second stack fuels the body and responds to caffeine:

(a) Low-glycemic short-range release (D-ribose);

(b) Medium range release (collagen), with a critical amino acid antioxidant brain precursor glycine; and

(c) extended range release (MCTs).

Caffeine is a misused stimulant, not fuel, not energy. It requires power and metabolic support. The caffeine ingestion with zero-calorie or high-fructose beverages fails, causing eventual jitters, “wired brain,” and crashes. By synchronizing short, medium, and long-range fuel release with caffeine, BF provides fuel and metabolic support, designed to support long-duration and accelerated metabolic activity—the fuel stack.

III. Breinfuel’s third stack adds powerful water and lipid-soluble antioxidants.

(a) high dose Vitamin C (water-soluble); and

(b) significant levels of Vitamin E (lipid-soluble).

One potentially attacks mitochondria/cell cytoplasm OS (water) and the other neuronal, vascular, or other OS along cell membranes (lipid). The antioxidant stack.

IV. Breinfuel’s fourth blend provides overall support and connectivity to the various stacks:

a) Enzyme support, immune-boosting (Zinc);

b) Red pigment betacyanin giving BF its natural pink color, and nitrous oxide for blood flow (Beet Root);

c) A super antioxidant amino acid (L-theanine); and

d) High-speed conversion of ADP to ATP, potentially good metabolic support for the brain and muscles (Creatine).

These ingredients stacks provide integrated stack support, an amplified “super-stack.” The brain-boosting stack.

Nootropics notably NOT in Breinfuel:

Theobromine, guarana, piracetam, noopept, modafinil, carnitine, choline, alpha gpc, bacopa monnieri, rhodiola, huzerine, panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba, nicotine, uridine.

Taken together, Breinfuel’s four stacks integrate a physiologic approach to improved functionality, enhancing overall mental focus and clarity. Not a drug, but a nootropic CPG “functional better for you” caffeinated support system beverage. The best of what's in coffee and tea “plus” in its non-coffee base. Could a nootropic super-stack create long-lasting, super-focus, overall energy, high performance, and recovery with a sense of well-being? That would be the holy grail of nootropics.


Might that day be soon? A caffeinated nootropic super-stack would likely have to suppress oxidative stress while resetting endogenous antioxidants. It would be a staggering achievement with broad implications. Could a prescription drug do it… or a symphony of nootropic CPG ingredient stacks be better? Academic science is free to try and discover a single drug that provides metabolic support and effectively eliminates OS. Bio-hackers are free to experiment with new nootropic supplements, hoping to find an effective “super-stack” with few clues from available science.


Or, you could try the next evolution in cerebral beverages.


Breinfuel: The Cerebral Beverage For High Performers

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