Athletes and Caffeine: What Science Tells Us About These Two

Athletes and Caffeine: What Science Tells Us About These Two

A recent study revealed that about three in every four Olympic athletes consume caffeine before or during competitions to improve their performance. With more emphasis on that morning cup of coffee, you should expect to see significant improvements. Coffee is consumed globally in various sporting and exercising scenarios since it's been proved to be performance-enhancing and ergogenic. Even better, the World Anti-Doping Agency went ahead and removed it among the restricted items in 2004.

Since then, caffeine has become one of the most researched substances in examining aspects of its consumption in running, sprinting, rowing, cycling, sporting events, resistance exercises, and more. However, to realize these enormous benefits, you won't just consume caffeine like any other drink and expect similar results like an elite athlete. Read on to know what you need to consider and what science tells us about athletes and caffeine:

Know the Right Dose and Timing

Different dosages will impact your performance levels differently. Many studies show that consuming about 3-6 mg/kg is the ideal dose. If you take more than that range, you will most likely not get the desired benefits. Similarly, anything less than the minimum means you will not realize the expected ergogenic advantages. Additionally, elite athletes have registered high sensitivity in low caffeine doses in prolonged exercises.  

Most athletes prefer ingesting coffee before running since it gets to the bloodstream in about 10 to 15 minutes and lasts for up to three to five hours. The time frame is ideal if you want to go for a short workout, but if you are a marathon runner, this may not last the entire time, and you may have to wait until the second half of the run. Additionally, caffeine will assist you if you are engrossed or under fatigue after long-duration exercises. Triathletes can also consume caffeine after running and carbohydrates for better muscle recovery after exhaustive workouts.

With Breinfuel, you can restore your muscle energy to normal within three days of taking ten grams. Ribose stimulates energy recovery pathways which help to rebuild your muscles. The best time to consume Breinfuel is before working on demanding projects to help you bring out the best in you.

Coffee Potentially Delivers More

By consuming coffee, you also reduce the chances of some diseases. Research by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that coffee is a reliable source of antioxidants in the American diet. Due to powerful antioxidants, they could help minimize free radicals that lead to inflammation in your body, resulting in diseases. Breinfuel gives your body an oxidant blend that is up to ten times the minimum vitamin E and C requirement to safeguard against oxidative stress.

Additionally, cardiovascular health studies revealed that taking a cup of coffee daily also reduces the risk of heart failure by up to 12%. However, taking more than that range also brings in some side effects such as insomnia, anxiety, and psychomotor agitation.  A study published in the prestigious Pharmacology journal found that ribose could help with cognitive heart failure. It was after a veterinary surgeon used it to overcome numbing fatigue thanks to the low-glycemic sugar.

The catch? Humans consume higher levels of   caffeine, on less nutrition than coffee or other caffeinated drinks can support. A 2019 study in Bath, Germany documented you spike your glucose levels by 50% every time you use coffee as your go to wake up Beverage before a meal. And that just for starters- once the caffeine has no metabolic fuel to spurt out our antioxidants to protect it Your body gets jittery and your brain gets tired. Fatigue and crash the end of most caffeine journeys. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

How to Optimize Caffeine: 

I If your pressed for time - Scale down! 

Coffee is excellent in making you productive, and it can be tempting to make you drink it throughout the day. However, if you don’t have the time of inclination to learn how to support caffeine better, drinking fewer quantities can deliver more positive effects – though for shorter periods of time. Still, with less coffee, you will enjoy the taste more since you no longer take it to stay energized. This way, you will also feel more relaxed with as little as two cups a day, and you will remain focused.

II Better - have your cup of Java with some lean protein and healthy fat. Egg on avocado toast, grass fed butter in your coffee - note to Stress Tay starting to give that cadence a chance to do its best for you!


II Best - consume caffeine with lean protein, healthy fats, and great fruits and other antioxidants. Don’t have time? Breinful delivers all of that and much more: Just the right blend of caffeine and ask the  support from the good stuff in green coffee beans and green tea without the toxicity of the 400 roasting process. And for good measure the best sugar, lean protein and healthy fats – D-Ribose lowers your blogs sugar, collagen helps your skin and nails, but more importantly  the high levels of glycine support your brains main antioxidant pathway and medium chain triglycerides provide quick energy without getting stored in  your fat cells! Added antioxidants, plus Zinc  and Creatine to sophist enzymes ACS showed up conversion to energy (ATP)  add up to a revolutionary way to experience caffeine and add healthy ingredients in just a single 12 ounce serving!

Go Easy on Coffee if You are Pregnant

As a female athlete, it's advisable to watch out for the amounts of your daily dose of this magic. Although you shouldn't kick out the habit entirely, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that it's safe to take at least 200 milligrams a day, about two cups. More than that may increase the risks of stillbirths, low birth weight, or miscarriage. No matter the cravings, keep it to the minimum recommended quantity or even less.

Caffeine Doesn't Lead to Dehydration

Although caffeine boosts performance among athletes, many worry that it will also lead to dehydration, causing more harm than good. In many cases, people refer to coffee as a diuretic meaning it leads to a heavy loss of liquids in your body. However, there is no scientific study to support it.

Instead, coffee contributes to your body's daily fluid requirement, which outweighs any mild diuretic effects in your body. Therefore, as an endurance athlete, you can have moderate intakes of about 1.4 to 2.7 mg/kg. However, avoid high doses that can affect your hydration status and not lead to performance improvements more than moderate amounts.

Think Beyond Coffee

Although you now know the importance of coffee in boosting your performances, you cannot guarantee how many you need from java to meet the minimum requirement. For this reason, many athletes opt for caffeine-enhanced products like pre-workout formulas, capsules, and energy drinks. This way, you can easily reach your required amounts of caffeine rather than relying on coffee alone.

Breinfuel has the right blend of ingredients that can sustain your energy requirements for long durations but  fuels and supports  your brain better simultaneously.  For caffeine drinkers worldwide, that has alerts been the tantalizing hope. Finally, with the right support blends, it’s becoming a reality.

Inter-individual Variability

Despite the multiple studies and universal recommendations about caffeine, some athletes still don't respond well to it. Mostly, if you are a slow metabolizer, your body might not be a good candidate. Consuming it may lead to impaired performance, or you might not see any difference in performance. You can have genetic testing for the CYP1A2 gene to determine if you are a low or fast metabolizer. Since Breinfuel offered so much support even shows metabolizers can do well, but alerts stay with smaller prime and all slowly if you have a history of sensitivity to cadence or do not normally drink it.

Key Takeaway

Science has proven that caffeine is an integral part of almost every athlete's success, but you also need to consume it with metabolic fuels. You can use Breinfuel to get a perfect blend that avails all the vital benefits for your body and mind. It's also healthier, and it helps you to recover more smartly.

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