10 Ways Breinfuel Fuels You

10 Ways Breinfuel Fuels You

Whether you’re studying, training, or just trying to get the most out of your day, Breinfuel was designed to unlock your full potential! Packed with unique support and all-day energy, Breinfuel outlasts other caffeinated drinks to knock out every item on your to-do list!

If you’re unsure on how Breinfuel might help you step up your game, here are 10 ways that Breinfuel uniquely fuels you to do more. 

1 - No Heat Treatment

All the support of caffeine in coffee beans and tea without the toxicity of high-heat treatment. Green coffee beans and tea extract are the sources that power Breinfuel alongside an arsenal of antioxidants and probiotics!

2 - Collagen

Breinfuel contains hydrolyzed collagen, to aid with digestion and reduce the impact on your GI system! In addition to containing BCAA’s, we utilize high-quality ingredients to help run longer, with a steadier release of energy. Our collagen additionally helps improve skin, hair, and nail health! 

3 - MCT Oils

Our unique combination of MCTs adds another fuel your brain can use without spiking glucose. Utilizing healthy fats that help maintain caffeine levels in your blood and altering digestion, Breinfuel helps curb hunger and avoid unnecessary snacking! 

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4 - Vitamins

Breinfuel’s unique combination of vitamins has been studied to be more effective than either would on its own! Our vitamins help suppress oxidative stress, which can cause a significant amount of harm to your cells, particularly in the brain.

5 - Antioxidants

To help boost your brain and body, Breinfuel adds even more antioxidant support in addition to its combination of caffeine, polyphenols, and vitamins. Beetroot is a key factor in our recipe, backed by its reputation for supporting endurance, energy, and improvement in blood flow. 

6 - L-Theanine

Added L-Theanine, a potent antioxidant known for its benefits paired with caffeine, aiding in reducing acute stress and anxiety to fine-tune Breinfuel’s energy drivers. 

7 - Metabolism Boost

To speed up metabolism with less oxidative stress, we added low doses of creatine to accelerate the body’s ability to create usable energy that improves physical and mental performance. Additionally, this metabolic boost can help curb appetite and potentially help with weight loss. 

8 - Low-Glycemic Index Sugar

Breinfuel uses a D-Ribose sugar to have a smaller impact on glucose levels while still providing all of the support that comes from your short-duration metabolic pathways. 

9 - All-Day Energy

Breinfuel contains a total of 360 mg of caffeine designed to be consumed over the course of the entire day. While it is a large amount of caffeine, its unique design allows for all-day release of energy to allow for optimum performance! 

10 - Unmatched Support

Breinfuel’s unique combination of research and science allows for one bottle to support every single energy requirement you may have, no matter what time of day. Designed to be drank slowly, our different energy sources peak  throughout the day to support work, workouts, family time, and everything in between. Whatever you do, and whenever you need it, Breinfuel is there to support you every step of the way. 

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