The natural caffeine blend includes the rich antioxidants of coffee and tea without the toxicity that comes from roasting at high temperatures.

The best of what’s in coffee without the loss and toxicity of the roast.

Naturally sourced caffeine from unroasted coffee beans.

All the benefits of the rich catechin antioxidants and L-theanine in green tea.

The low-glycemic fuel blend is made up of short-, medium-, and long-release fuels to extend the body's ability to process caffeine over time.

The body's own low-glycemic sugar for quick release energy in sync with initial caffeine release.

Derived from coconut oil, MCTs are a great slower-release energy source and are Keto-friendly!

Great source of protein and rich in amino acids such as glycine, which is key to support accelerated metabolism for the brain.

The potent antioxidants Vitamin C & E provide two of the most integral vitamins in a form that is soluble in both water (cell cytoplasm) and fat (cell membrane). No longer must you worry about  fulfilling your daily requirements.  

Breinfuel’s rich pink color comes from the super-antioxidant betacyanins in beet root. A great source of nitrous oxide (blood flow).

A potent water-soluble antioxidant that may penetrate into cell cytoplasm where mitochondrial oxidative stress can be damaging. More than 10x the minimum daily requirement with an impressive 1.5 grams.

A potent lipid (fat)-soluble antioxidant that may penetrate cell membranes where neurons, blood vessel lining, and other membranes often sustain cumulative damage from oxidative stress.

Independent studies support the BRÈINFÚEL Brain Boosters as key actors in supporting cognitive function, enzyme enhancement, blood flow modulation, and ATP production.


An essential element supporting enzymatic function, with anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective benefits. It may enhance aspects of recognition and other types of memory.

The most prevalent amino acid in collagen, it is a precursor of glutamic acid, part of the brain's only antioxidant pathway.

Most commonly found with caffeine in green and black tea leaves, it has antioxidant properties and may improve ability to stay focused or switch focus. It is often combined with caffeine in nootropic supplements to enhance and prolong its benefits.

Known for its ability to increase muscle mass following weightlifting, many studies show that creatine also improves brain function and reduces mental fatigue. Technically, creatine phosphorylates and enhances ADP conversion to ATP (cell energy).


How long should I take to finish drinking BRÈINFÚEL?

BRÈINFÚEL is designed to be consumed over the course of 15+ minutes, as any caffeinated beverage should (one advantage of piping hot coffee). This way, your body can absorb the natural caffeine and support blends in BRÈINFÚEL optimally.

Remember, all caffeinated beverages should be sipped, not chugged.


When should I consume BRÈINFÚEL?

BRÈINFÚEL works at its best when you need it the most. In the morning before a full day of cognitively demanding projects, before a tough workout, or before a tenuous night of studying. Any time where you need to bring out your best, most present self, is a great time to drink BRÈINFÚEL. Any caffeinated beverage will work best when you consume it with or after a meal.


Is 360 mg of caffeine in BRÈINFÚEL too much?

While this could be the case in caffeine pills or energy drinks, this would not be the case in a cerebral beverage like BRÈINFÚEL. The premise behind our formulation is the concept of supporting natural caffeine with low-glycemic fuel to sustain the caloric response to caffeine over a long period of time. Your brain requires these supplements to experience caffeine as a stimulant with proper support. To compare; a Starbucks Venti Coffee has 415MG of largely unsupported caffeine and certain coffee brands that claim to be “the world’s strongest” can have up to 1500MG. So enjoy - your experience is less so about the amount of caffeine in the beverage and more so about how that caffeine is supported with fuel and antioxidants. Breinfuel’s 360 mg of supported caffeine may last longer, create a sense of well-being, and deliver a uniquely uplifting, more productive ‘Cerebral’ experience.


How can I enjoy BRÈINFÚEL with optimal results

We recommend enjoying BRÈINFÚEL after or with a good breakfast containing protein. With any caffeinated beverage, you should sip over the course of 15 minutes to allow your body to process the caffeine it’s consuming. After this, your job is simple, get out there and grind to experience BRÈINFÚEL at its best; BRÈINFÚEL works hardest when you do.


How long does it last?

BRÈINFÚEL is designed to provide cognitive endurance over an expansive portion of your day. While each person’s BRÈINFÚEL experience is unique, many say that they feel the effects of BRÈINFÚEL until well over six hours after consumption.