frequently asked questions

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How long should I take to finish drinking BRÈINFÚEL?
BRÈINFÚEL is designed to be consumed over the course of 15+ minutes, as any caffeinated beverage should (one advantage of piping hot coffee). This way, your body can absorb the natural caffeine and support blends in BRÈINFÚEL optimally.

Remember, all caffeinated beverages should be sipped, not chugged.
When should I consume BRÈINFÚEL?
BRÈINFÚEL works at its best when you need it the most. In the morning before a full day of cognitively demanding projects, before a tough workout, or before a tenuous night of studying. Any time where you need to bring out your best, most present self, is a great time drink BRÈINFÚEL. Any caffeinated beverage will work best when you consume it with or after a meal.
Is 360mg of Caffeine too much?
The FDA advises a daily limit of 400mg of caffeine, which we endorse. For reference, a Grande Blonde Roast from Starbucks also has 360mg of caffeine. If you consider yourself to be sensitive to caffeine or if you don’t normally consume it, we would recommend drinking half a serving of BRÈINFÚEL for your first time.
What can I do to maximize my BRÈINFÚEL experience?
Since caffeine needs to be metabolically supported, caffeine (as in coffee) has been shown to be better taken with or after breakfast rather than before. It is also helpful to have a reasonable amount of sleep in order to get the most out of BRÈINFÚEL the next day.
How long does it last?
BRÈINFÚEL is designed to provide cognitive endurance over an expansive portion of your day. While each person’s BRÈINFÚEL experience is unique, many say that they feel the effects of BRÈINFÚEL until well over six hours after consumption.