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Ringing In The New Year By Overcoming Critical Burn-Out and Mental Fatigue


Pilots, firefighters, surgeons, first responders, ER staff, nurses, air-traffic controllers, military personnel on high alert, truck-drivers with large semis maintaining consecutive days of little sleep... the list goes on and on. In many similar situations, individuals are subject to extreme physical and mental fatigue, with prolonged periods of seemingly unrelenting daily duress. These are stretches that require intense prolonged concentration. They are not only grueling and nearly impossible to maintain, but hard to fully recover from. Taking their daily toll leads to unavoidable stress and often chronic fatigue, reduced quality of life, and potentially permanent health consequences. Sacrifice for the greater good pre-pandemic is now a daily reality for many key responders.*


Surgeons, physicians and medical personnel are among those particularly vulnerable. Studies have shown rising levels of stress, fatigue and burnout among physicians and particularly surgeons even pre-pandemic. It seems long procedure times and surgery days begin to take their toll:


Organ transplants can take 8-10 hours; 80% require about 5 consecutive hours for a single procedure.


The average neurosurgeon puts in 61 hour weeks, with removal of invasive tumors sometimes requiring 10 hours or more.


Overall, 37-53% of surgeons report “burn-out”, with general surgeons topping the list at 50%.


“Burnout can have severe adverse consequences, including substance abuse, disruptive behavior, absenteeism, attrition, strained personal relationships, divorce, depression, suicidal ideation, and suicide.” (J Am Coll Surg. Dimly et al. 2016 June ; 222(6): 1230–1239)


A recent study evaluating surgeon fatigue after multiple procedures on a given surgery day documented the challenge to stay at top levels of alertness over long hours where 100% mental concentration is required, likely applicable to others in similar mentally and physically demanding situations:


Preoperative (surgeon) fatigue increased significantly during the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th operations, as reflected by the different fatigue scales (Karolinska sleepiness scale, Samn-Perelli fatigue scale, and self-assessed fatigue scale).


There was an increase in fatigue scores by 98.44% (self-assessed scored), 67.95% (Samn-Perelli scale), 88.93% (Karolinska sleepiness scale) from the start of the first operation to the start of the 4th operation of the day.


There was a significant decrease in attention and memory score when comparing the scores from the 1st versus the 2nd operation, 2nd and 3rd, and 3rd and 4th. Preoperative reaction time also increased significantly between the operations. Urol Int 2020; Pettit et al; 104:301–308


These demands are not unique to surgeons but illustrative of the dangerous consequences of critical burn-out and mental fatigue. Our pandemic crisis has taken the human capacity of skilled and essential workers to provide life-saving support to above and beyond a mental/cognitive “breaking point”. No single drug or magic elixir can provide all the energy and indefatigable recovery so many need right now, and to some degree we will always ask for and need on a regular basis.


We at Breinfuel would like to try and help:


Breinfuel was developed by a surgeon with a background in pharmaceutical science. It was created to try and find a functionally better beverage to help maintain high levels of alertness, intense focus, concentration, and quick recovery. By targeting ways to improve physiologic support of cerebral function, its unique combination and ratios evolved from the best in coffee, tea, nutraceuticals, and nootropics to create a four blend “nootropic super-stack”, where each blend contains individual ingredients with known cognitive (nootropic) benefit.


Breinfuel is a “Cerebral Beverage” with four blends:



Its 360 mg caffeine blend uses the best of what evolved in the coffee bean via green coffee bean extract without the toxicity of the roast along with green tea leaf extract;



Its fuel blend evolved low glycemic short to long range fuel from D-ribose, to collagen and MCT’s to avoid glucose spikes and help prevent caffeine from outstripping its needed fuel support;



It’s antioxidant blend of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins to possibly help combat oxidative stress the brain is highly susceptible to (otherwise known as brain fog), and



It’s Brain-booster blend, other additives such as zinc, beet root powder, and creatine -each individually demonstrating in some studies brain or cognitive benefit.


Breinfuel, for many, provides a cleaner and more gradual surge of long-lasting sustained energy; providing four blends of fuel and metabolic support in each 12 oz serving. It seems to be especially noticeable the more intense the “grind” - the physical or mental demands to place on yourself throughout the day. Not only are jitters, fatigue, or “mental crash” such as caffeine outstripping 0 calorie or high fructose energy drinks now less likely, but a long duration of brain and body “clean energy support”, with a greater sense of well-being and quicker recovery become possible. The greater the need, the more Breinfuel seems to deliver.


*To first responders, medical personnel or others in critical work related high fatigue occupations:

Contact us at: info@breinfuel.com with relevant details regarding our free sample allocation program.







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