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Creatine, The Brain and Body Performance Booster

Creatine is an amino acid produced naturally, and mostly stored in the muscles, where it becomes a source of more rapid energy conversion and muscle growth. As a nutritional supplement, creatine has been shown to enhance athletic performance, particularly contraction of skeletal muscle and is often used for bodybuilding for that reason. 

There is some evidence creatine may provide protection against traumatic brain injuries in people who were already using it prior to being injured. In another study people who took creatine for six weeks scored better on tests measuring cognitive intelligence and short-term memory than those who did not take it. Its full potential for brain health is not yet established, however. 

Creatine has important potential benefits to brain health. It functions by converting to a phosphorylated creatine - and donating that phosphorus group to ADP to expedite the creation of the fundamental building block of energy which the human body requires in all cells: ATP. 

Creatine, The Brain and Body Performance Booster

Studies on brain cognition in the presence of creatine suggest it may boost short term memory, and creatine has been found to have potential antioxidant capability as well. 

Quicker ATP conversion to support the energy needs of cells working harder might mean less inflammatory cytokines, produced when metabolic processes necessary for cellular function become short-circuited or too inefficient to meet the needs of our cells. For the brain, occupying just 2% of our body weight but 20% of our oxygen consumption, at higher metabolism it is critical energy conversion proceed in as expedited a manner as possible. 

All of this suggests creatine may be very important in supporting caffeine enhanced brain metabolism. Perhaps the common feedback of being able to mentally react more quickly with greater alertness after consuming Breinfuel is partially due to the presence of enhanced energy conversion and metabolic support by creatine in every serving of Breinfuel.




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