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Breinfuel vs Red Bull: Finishing What They Started

We're here to finish what Red Bull started. 


History of Red Bull

For thousands of years, humans have been consuming caffeine in all its various forms, so much so that it’s challenging to imagine our society without it. In 1976, pharmacist Chaleo Yoovidhya created Krating Daeng, a Thai energy drink that piqued the interest of Red Bull Founder, Dietrich Mateschitz. In 1984, the two founded Red Bull GmbH, and sparked the Caffeine Revolution around the globe. 

The birth of Breinfuel

Fast forward 36 years, in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where Dr Gerald Horn (a pharmaceutical scientist, physician, and surgeon) began spearheading what may be the next chapter in the energy drink revolution. While tackling long hours in surgery before heading home to spend time with his family, Dr Horn needed a solution to provide more clarity and energy. He wanted to perform at his absolute capacity while still having the energy to see his adoring wife and kids. 

Enter Breinfuel: your partner in performance and productivity. Designed to keep you performing all day, Breinfuel was created to help you accomplish more than ever before, and use your 24 hours better than anyone before. Through many stages of development, and now spread nationwide, Breinfuel is seeking to finish what Red Bull began, and transform the energy drink market once again.

What’s brought to the table

Red Bull’s classic flavor is universal, and brings together generations of athletes, teams, and adrenaline junkies looking to gain an edge on the competition. Containing around 80 mg of caffeine, they bring a familiar sense of heart rate increase and excitement around anyone experiencing “wings” for the first, or  the hundredth and first time. Years of development has allowed Red Bull to create a classic image and brand familiar to the world over, and was the original disruption in the energy drink market.


Breinfuel’s advantage is built on it’s nuanced but potent difference: taking the best from coffee beans and tea leaves, and supplementing it with top-of-the-line antioxidants to revolutionize your daily energy. Constantly optimizing its flavor, Breinfuel has evolved past what the foundation of Red Bull created: an even, durable, boost of energy that powers your body in addition to focusing your mind. 


There is always room to grow into something newer and better, and we at Breinfuel are excited at that very opportunity. To continue providing an innovative way to experience caffeine. Our momentum is growing nearly every day, and we fully believe we are at the beginning of the new age of caffeine to fuel innovation and growth the world over.

What's Inside: Red Bull

Red Bull’s recipes vary greatly depending on what country you’re in. The classic, carbonated, can is composed of caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, and other simple sugars to create a high-intensity, short-term boost of energy. Red Bull has countless different flavors, variations, to help set it apart from the competition.

What’s Inside: Breinfuel

Breinfuel’s unique recipe builds on 360 mg of caffeine backed by MCT oil, Collagen, Vitamins C&E, L-Theanine, and a myriad of antioxidants to boost productivity, mood, and overall energy all day long. Conveniently packed into a smooth, sleek 12 oz bottle, Breinfuel’s four unique flavors light up any taste buds as we continue to grow in the beverage space. 

 Breinfuel bottles next to slices of beetroot

The Advantage of Breinfuel 

Breinfuel aims to disrupt and change the energy drink market in the most respectful way. What helps set us apart from the rest is the method of energy release our product provides. Many other energy drinks in the current space use one simple strategy: increasing caffeine intake without anything to back it up. 

Breinfuel’s cutting-edge approach is not just in its caffeine sourcing and content, but in the unique fuel it has to back it up. While other drinks may simply increase your adrenaline rush and heart rate, Breinfuel preempts the rush with protein, MCTs, amino acids, and more to unlock the body and mind’s full potential. 

A basic cup of coffee contains 90 mg of caffeine, where Breinfuel carries an incredible 360 mg designed to power you through your entire day, starting with its natural green coffee bean base. Though several coffee products contain more caffeine, coffee alone lacks the additional support additives Breinfuel  provides.

The even and powerful punch packed by Breinfuel reduces stress on your body by extending  the benefits of caffeine from green coffee beans, tea leaves, and much more. Breinfuel contains antioxidants, Vitamin C and E, beet root, creatine, zinc and other key additives. For the majority of healthy adults,  a single 12 oz serving of Breinfuel makes it possible to experience a smoother,  steadier, longer lasting form of focused energy and enjoyment over the course of even the most demanding day. 

Thanking the bull

Red Bull truly set the caliber that we aim to live up to every single day. Disrupting the energy drink market in the 1980’s, it took us almost 40 years to deliver a product we believe is a worthy competitor. 

Without Red Bull, there is no chance we would be where we are today. For doing that, we thank them. Harnessing the power of caffeine backed by metabolic support is an incredible undertaking, and one we are privileged to have the opportunity to offer to you today. 

Wrapping it all up

Breinfuel aims to use the precedent that Red Bull set, and add the best of what evolved from just coffee beans and tea leaves. An energizing beverage that delivers a smoothness and level of profound energy and mental clarity, Breinfuel is recognized by mental athletes, entrepreneurs, and doers in the peak of their space. 

We are fully aware of the boots we have to fill, and the brand we have to nurture to create something as special as the brand that Red Bull has become. That is what makes us both humble and passionate to be able to extend to the next generation what just a few decades ago Red Bull started. 

Check out our Instagram as we grow our team, or try our newest products here to see what we’re all about! 

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